Monday, July 18, 2011

Jello? Whipped Cream? Bath Salts?

Clinton Patch (Clinton, CT) July 18, 2011

"Catherine LeVasseur has three pieces of advice for parents who want to help their kids stay off drugs and alcohol.
First, talk with your kids.
Second, talk with each other. Find out what other parents are seeing and hearing.
Third, know what's out there.
That third piece of advice is where it can get scary, she says, because some of the alcohol and drug products currently on the market are easily accessible to youths, diabolically designed to mimic child-friendly products, and some of them are potentially lethal.
'There are alcoholic jello shots, packaged just like the snacks you would put in someone's lunch box,' said LeVasseur, a program manager with the Governor's Prevention Partnership, who was one of the featured speakers at a recent multi-town symposium sponsored by the Madison Alcohol and Drug Education (MADE) Coalition. 'There is adult chocolate milk. There is alcoholic whipped cream. And the marketing is deceptive so it can be easily confused with the snacks.'" Read More

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