Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New STOP Cyber Bullying Campaign to Combat Cyber Abuse Epidemic

PR Newswire (Philadelphia, PA) September 13, 2011

"Learning By Grace is pleased to announce the launch of it's STOP CYBER BULLYING CAMPAIGN with a FREE resource for the online homeschooling community called Stop Cyber Bullying ( Learning By Grace defines cyber bullying as 'the intentional use of digital content to lie, deceive, harass, threaten, mock, shame or bully a minor' and cyberharassment as 'the same behaviors directed towards adults or companies.'
The Stop Cyber Bullying website is packed with information to help students and educators combat the newest epidemic gripping our country. Cyberharassment can be life threatening; it can destroy reputations and businesses. Over 30 teenagers have died as a result of cyber bullying. Children are not the only victims of cyber abuse; cyber harassers target adults as well. In an age where anyone can post anything about anyone with almost complete immunity and anonymity, the future of reputation and the future of privacy is being questioned." Read More

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