Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Teaching Parents About the Dangers of Alcohol

Milford Patch (Milford, CT) September 6, 2011

"A provocative program about the dangers of alcohol -- built into Foran High School’s Freshman Orientation -- was hailed as “an eye opener” and 'powerful' by parents who attended.
The program -- punctuated by tears and applause -- was developed and funded by The Milford Prevention Council and the Milford Public Schools. It is considered to be so important that parents of freshmen were required to attend the presentation a couple of weeks ago. A parent’s absence will result in a written assignment for their child.
Recognizing the feelings of some parents that drinking is a 'right of passage,' Tanya Schweitzer, director of the Milford Prevention Council, brought out statistics gathered across the United States indicating the scope of damage that underage drinking can cause." Read More

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