Friday, June 11, 2010

Can calling parents curb risky drinking in college?

Winona Daily News (Winona, MN) June 9:

"Colleges these days work closely with parents on students' financial aid applications or living accommodations. But, when it comes time to inform parents about their son or daughter's underage drinking violation, colleges are divided about how much mom and dad should know. Most college students are legal adults when they arrive on campus - adults with the freedom to manage personal issues. Yet, colleges partnering with parents can bolster efforts to reduce risky drinking at a time when college-age, drinking-related tragedies continue in the region, local college officials said. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act protects the privacy of student information such as test scores and grade-point averages, but, for more than a decade, campuses have had the legal authority to contact a parent or guardian of students under the age of 21 about alcohol and drug-related matters..."
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