Friday, June 11, 2010

Mentors help students see eye-to-eye

WLS-TV (Chicago, IL) June 11:

"Mentoring is a win-win opportunity. Mentors feel rewarded, mentees gain valuable experience. Project Eye-to-Eye's mentoring program puts students together who share the same disability. At Golf Middle School in Morton Grove, 7th graders with learning disabilities are mentored by college students who also have learning disabilities. 'We're doing an art project that can kind of help people explain their learning styles. We use an example of a can of peas - you can see that it's a can of peas by the picture, but if you are a person you can't see their learning style,' said David Kessler...  'Project Eye-to-Eye started in 1994 at Brown University with the sole goal of trying to pair mentors with mentees to try to do meta-cognitive work to help people understand their learning styles,' Kessler said."
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