Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Teen prescription drug abuse common says study, East Texans agree

KLTV (Tyler, TX) June 8:

"An alarming survey reveals a dangerous trend among American teens. One out of five high school students admit to abusing prescription drugs. The survey found this risky behavior is most common among twelfth graders. 26% of them say they have used medication without a prescription. It is least common among ninth graders, as 15% admitted to abusing prescription drugs.  'More than 20%,' said Kiandria Cain, a high school sophomore. 'People carry around pills and stuff like that. That's what they do more than drugs.' 'I know a lot of people doing it for AP tests and stuff like that to help them focus during the test and SAT,' said Eric Johnson, who just graduated high school. 'When it's like a four hour test, it helps them stay focused during the whole thing.'"
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