Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Heroin, cocaine lead list of most-used illicit drugs in state

CT Post (Bridgeport, CT) June 20:

"The revelation of the substance in Jacobsen's system begged a few pointed questions: What was this drug? Was it a new plague afflicting the youth of Connecticut? The reality is that the drug seems to be rare in this area. '(DMT has) never been used around here that much,' said Dr. Sheila Cooperman, vice chairwoman of the department of psychiatry at St. Vincent's Behavioral Health Services in Westport. In fact, hallucinogens in general are little seen in this state, she said. Other drugs, including heroin and crack and powdered cocaine, are much bigger problems in Connecticut. The prevalance of a particular drug in a region often is result of a variety of factors, with price and accessibility often major drivers, said Katherine Bush, spokeswoman for the Office of National Drug Control Policy. 'People who abuse drugs tend to do an internal calculation of which drugs are the most readily available,' she said..."
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