Friday, June 18, 2010

Police Use Social Media to Find Suspects

WIBC Indiana (Indianapolis, IN) June 17:

"Teens charged with underage drinking said they didn't have any alcohol, but pictures posted on Facebook showed them sipping from bottles of liquor, wine or beer. In another case, Franklin police found a group of Bob Marley fans who were spraying 'One Love' graffiti across the city through a MySpace page dedicated to the singer's hit... Local police officers, prosecutors and attorneys are turning to social networking sites to find suspects and tie them to a crime. But the investigation doesn't end when a person is charged or makes an appearance in court; online profiles of defendants, witnesses and victims are monitored to see what they're saying about the case, attorneys said. Screenshots of a Facebook profile or a wall posting are more frequently finding their way into evidence during a trial and can bolster or discredit someone's testimony..."
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