Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cough syrup behind marijuana and alcohol for teen abuse

KSFY (Sioux Falls, SD) June 29:

"Coricidin is a brand of cough syrup that helps suppress the common cold. If taken correctly it calms a cough. 'When abused it has a similar effect to alcohol, it tends to cause loss of motor skills and ability to perceive the world around them,' says Brad Patterson who is a drug counselor at Keystone Treatment Centers. He says many cough syrup abusers experience nausea. 'They have to take large quantities to get the effect, a by-product is initially getting sick.' Patterson says new research shows 10 % of high school students are getting high from cough syrup because it's a legal drug. In fact cough syrup falls right behind marijuana and alcohol regarding the drugs most teens abuse. 'The reality is it's only legal when taken as prescribed, if it's abused it can be very dangerous and cause negative effects,' says Patterson..."
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