Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Could This Anti-Bullying Program Work in Middlebury and Woodbury?

Woodbury-Middlebury Patch (Woodbury, CT) April 11, 2012

"My column last week about bullying touched more on sadness than hope. This week, it’s time to look for a brighter tomorrow.
I’m pinning that hope for tomorrow on a bunch of teenagers and eight year olds, crossing my fingers that they’ll become experts in being the kind, compassionate adults of the future — and spread that knowledge with others.
Those kids are gaining that expertise through a new program being piloted right here in the metropolitan area. For the last two years, the Westport school district has been integrating an empathy-based anti-bullying program called Kool To Be Kind (K2BK). And it’s based on one very elemental premise: that kids learn better from other kids." Read More

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