Friday, April 13, 2012

Tips for Parents to Make Sure Teens are not Drinking, Having Parties

Watertown Patch (Watertown, CT) April 12, 2012

"Spring is an exciting time of year for many students, particularly high school students. With prom and graduation season in full swing, it is crucial that parents understand their personalliability when it comes to underage alcohol use. We know that the large majority of Watertown youth get their alcohol at a party with/without adult presence or from friends and older siblings.
On March 27, the Watertown Youth Coalition (WYC), a program of Wayside Multi-Service Center, in conjunction with the Watertown Police Department and Watertown Public Schools, collaborated to hold a social host liability informational session, 'What Every Parent Should Know About Social Host Liability.' The session sought to educate parents, youth, and community members about the social host law and the legal/social consequences of providing or serving alcohol to minors (those under the age of 21) or allowing drinking in their home." Read More

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