Friday, April 27, 2012

MHS Bully Busters help younger students

Reminder News (Manchester, CT) April 26, 2012

"Bullying has become much more prevalent in recent years, erupting on the news in dramatic tragedies like the shootings in Columbine and Virginia Tech, and quietly pervading local classrooms and schools. At Manchester High School, a group of student leaders has put together a group called Bully Busters that goes into elementary and middle schools using live demonstrations and teaching students how they can make a positive impact against bullying.
'I am the lead speaker when we do our presentation,' said senior Logan Welch. 'We teach the different types of bullying - relationship, physical, verbal and cyber. We teach them that if you are a bystander, you are involved, and how to be a positive bystander. We teach them positive thinking in a situation. I teach them how to brighten the room, not darken it. I also teach about the different types of bullies in a comfortable environment so they can come forward and share their own stories. We know now what works with each age group,' said Welch." Read More 

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