Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Saint Jude Retreats Announces Tip Sheet To Raise Awareness About Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse

PR Web (Amsterdam, NY) April 10, 2012

"Saint Jude Retreats announces a new tip sheet to help build awareness of teen alcohol and drug abuse. This tip sheet will help parents or guardians of a teenager indentify a drug or alcohol problem through warning signs and behavior observation. For first time parents of teens who are experimenting with drugs this confrontation can be difficult and embarrassing for both sides. Learn how to deal with these issues in this tip sheet created by The Saint Jude Program, the original educated-based alternative to alcohol and drug rehab. Information in this article is extracted from The Saint Jude Program's website.
Teens Are Observers--Teenagers pick up on social habits almost naturally. Teen adolescents are observing family, reality stars on TV, reading facebook updates, and viewing photos of adults consuming alcohol or drugs. From watching adults use these substances, young adults begin to realize that these substances can provide satisfying results such as relaxation, stress relief and popularity. It is important for parents to distinguish between experimentation and problem usage." Read More

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