Thursday, February 3, 2011

Alcohol & Teens: A lethal mixture

The News Journal (Wilmington, DE) February 1, 2011

"Over the years, Sue Spilecki has caught the stifled grins and rolled eyes of her Wilmington Charter School students whenever she talked with them about underage drinking. As she rattled off a litany of harmful effects and stats about drinking and driving, she could almost hear what they were thinking -- this is all a big joke.
So a few years ago, she began taking her students across the street to Silverbrook Cemetery. Most figure the outing is for exercise, much like when she makes them run around the track. There's plenty of talking and goofing off as they're walking, until they get to the spot Spilecki has in mind.
It's where her son, Jay, is buried.
'As soon as they see 'Spilecki,' everybody gets real quiet. I say, 'This is our lesson about drinking and driving,' ' she said." Read More

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