Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Students bear hearts on drug abuse

Norwich Bulletin (Norwich, CT) February 14, 2011

"On the day that celebrates love, local students opened their hearts about something that is ruining the lives of some of their friends -- drugs.
Peer pressure is not the cause of substance abuse in high schools, they said during a Valentine’s Day forum at Norwich Free Academy. Weak family units, boredom, and media glamorization of drugs are the real dangers.
'My friends have never asked me to do drugs,' Katie Baller of NFA said following the 'teen summit' held at Slater Auditorium. 'Friends don’t want to risk losing friends over drugs. For some kids, those friendships are the most important things in their lives.'
The Monday summit was organized by the East Lyme-based Community Coalition for Children. Students from Thames River Academy in Norwich and Ella T. Grasso Southeastern Regional Technical School of Groton participated along with NFA. About 10 students from each school took part." Read More

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