Friday, February 4, 2011

Teaching kids about bullying early

CBS News 21 (Harrisburg, PA) January 31, 2011

"More teenagers are taking drastic measures to deal with bullying. Now some schools are starting early to put a stop to bullying.
Tyler Clementi, Megan Meier, and Perry County's Brandon Bitner; all teenagers turned to suicide after being bullied. That's why schools across the country are working to stop bullying before it starts and that means at a very young age for both boys and girls.
'It's something as simple as you're not invited to my birthday party, I don't like your haircut,' said Wendy Byerly a teacher at The Goddard School. 'So there's a lot of bullying with girls. It's not necessarily a boy thing which is a big stereotype.'
The program includes teaching basic skills the kids aren't born with, like sharing.
'It's important to learn this early because they're so absorbent,' Byerly said. 'They're learning everything around them because they don't know how to share, use kind words, and it needs to be encouraged as young as possible.'
The staff also works to teach the kids the difference between tattling and speaking up." Read More

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