Friday, February 18, 2011

Counselor Arms Fairfield Parents Against Bullying

The Daily Fairfield (Fairfield, CT) February 17, 2011

"Monica’s kids are still a bit too young to worry about bullies. Her girls are still in elementary school, so the prime bullying years of middle school are still ahead of them. But she showed up for Bill Bosch’s talk at the Fairfield Public Library Thursday night just in case
'We’re not going to get a memo at any time that says, 'Bullying is about to start next week,' ' Monica says. 'You can never be too prepared.'
Bosch, a guidance counselor at Tomlinson Middle School, has seen how bullying occurs in Fairfield’s schools. He says the most common type is no longer physical violence but emotional attacks. He highlighted two types of harassment: verbal bullying (name-calling and teasing) and relational bullying (when kids exclude others from their group)." Read More

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