Monday, February 14, 2011

Delaware schools: No fast solution to curb bullying, speaker laments

Delaware Online, February 12, 2011

"When a child confronts bullying, parents tend to panic, treating the situation like a fire they must immediately extinguish.
'They want the program, the book, the movie, the whatever that will get them through this,' said Shanterra McBride, founder of Preparing Leaders of Today in Washington, D.C.
If only it were that simple, said McBride, who has been interviewed as a bullying expert in several magazines and on National Public Radio.
Dealing with bullying takes time and constant attention from parents, teachers, administrators, even fellow students, said McBride, the guest speaker at a seminar Saturday morning at St. Anne's Episcopal School in Middletown called 'Stop Picking on Me.'
If your child is bullied, McBride told a few dozen parents, don't reach for the short-sighted, clich├ęd quick-fix. For example, some parents will suggest their children tell bullies they're 'just jealous.'" Read More

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