Friday, February 25, 2011

Experts: Alcohol, teen brains are a toxic mix (Peoria, IL) February 23, 2011

"There is no safe amount or safe location for teens to consume alcohol, experts say.
Alcohol consumption and the teen brain are a toxic combination.
Diane West, a nurse and clinical educator in behavioral health services with OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, said while the old belief was the brain was fully developed by age 3, it is now clear the brain still is developing through the teen years up to about age 24.
'The teen brain is developing and changing. It has more receptors for alcohol to bind with,' she said. 'Teens can get addicted quicker. Parents really need to educate teens on their vulnerability.'
Alcohol consumption by a teen can be more damaging to the brain than alcohol consumed by a 35 year old." Read More

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