Thursday, January 13, 2011

Connecticut Bill Proposes Sunday Liquor Sales

NACS Online (Hartford, CT) January 13, 2011

"An Enfield, Connecticut lawmaker has proposed allowing liquor and grocery stores to sell alcohol on Sundays, a measure that proponents maintain would boost state tax revenue, the Journal Inquirer reports.
Rep. Kathleen Tallarita said the current Sunday ban affects towns such as Enfield, as residents typically drive to neighboring Massachusetts to purchase alcohol.
'It’s really not about the alcohol,' Tallarita. 'It’s more about the fairness.'
Tallarita said studies have estimated that Sunday sales could generate up to $18 million between the sales tax and excise tax on alcohol.
'It’s true revenue,' she said. 'It’s not just a gimmick — the money’s there.'
A similar bill failed in committee last year, and Governor Jodi Rell had threatened to veto it anyway." Read More

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