Thursday, January 27, 2011

High School Starts Campaign To Change Students' Misperceptions On Alcohol And Drug Use

The Hartford Courant (Haddam, CT) January 26, 2011

"In Haddam-Killingworth, most teens don't drink alcohol, use tobacco or smoke marijuana. This is a misperception by many teens. A social norms research based marketing campaign will aim to correct this misperception in the community starting in January.
The slogan 'What About You?' will be seen often on posters placed in locations throughout the school and the community for the next few months.
The posters will be part of the Haddam - Killingworth's Healthy Communities-Healthy Kids Coalition Social Norms Campaign. In addition, there will be a parent focus which will remind parents that it is important to know the whereabouts of their teen and who their teen is with.
All of the facts that will be featured on the posters are results of the 2010 H-K Search Institute youth survey conducted by the Healthy Communities-Healthy Kids Coalition. These facts will be featured on billboards, banners, and pens as well. The first parent billboard will be up on Route 154 from January through February." Read More

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