Monday, January 24, 2011

Fairfield Expert Aims To Dispel Drinking Myths

The Daily Stamford (Fairfield, CT) January 23, 2011

"Nobody needs to tell Janice Kessler the statistics about underage drinking and drug use. After all, she saw 175 students with such problems last year as coordinator of Sacred Heart University’s Alcohol and Other Drug Program. And she knows that the number of college students who die from alcohol poisoning each year has climbed from 1,400 to 1,825 in the 10 years she has had the job.
Yet Janice also knows that students such as Greenwich native Brian Macken, who died this week of an apparent drug overdose at Indiana University, are the exception, not the rule. And it’s part of her prevention program to make kids and parents aware of it.
'Almost always, the perception of how college students drink, and … perceive their peers, is much higher than what they actually report,' Janice says." Read More

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