Monday, January 3, 2011

School district tackles bullying

The Wilton Bulletin (Wilton, CT) January 3, 2011

"The State of Connecticut defines bullying as 'any overt act by a student or group of students directed at another student with the intent to ridicule, harass, humiliate or intimidate the other student while on school grounds, during school-sponsored activities or on a school bus, which acts are committed more than once against any student during the school year,' Superintendent Gary Richards told the Board of Education last month.
'We recognize that acts of meanness occur at all levels of our school system,' he said, 'and we know that most of it occurs in covert ways. Students are generally smart enough not to do it in front of adults.'
Bullying is also not restricted to school, Mr. Richards said. 'The dark side of technology, as many of us know, is that it can be used as an instrument to perpetrate meanness.' And many instances can go unreported to school officials for a variety of reasons." Read More

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