Friday, January 21, 2011

Students standing up to bullying (Barrington, RI) January 20, 2011

"Quentin Boothman, a seventh-grader at Barrington Middle School, was visibly pleased with the results of a school-wide anti-bullying presentation that took place in late December, a day before the winter vacation.
Quentin, a member of the Razzmatazz Cluster at the school, shared smiles with his classmates and teachers following the 45-minute performance in the packed school auditorium. He and 70 of his cluster-mates created a video, performed a song, and acted out skits that were intended to shed light on the bullying issue at Barrington Middle School and beyond.
The message hit home for Quentin. He has witnessed bullying at the school. He knows what it can do. He knows how it can damage.
'Yeah, I’ve seen it here. There is some bullying. There was a kid who was saying some pretty mean things to another kid. He was calling him a dirty Mexican,' Quentin said." Read More

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