Monday, January 31, 2011

An ear for kids changes statistics

The Modesto Bee (Modesto, CA) January 31, 2011

"Sometimes the difference between a good kid and a suspended kid is just that one had an adult who cared, who listened.
For a student who doesn't have that someone at home, a mentor can make all the difference, said Fairview Elementary Vice Principal Lorena Ortega.
'Based on last year's lower suspension numbers, it's working. We're one of the largest elementaries, but we were one of the lowest on suspension rates. (Mentors) have really stepped up to the plate and come up here whenever we needed them,' Ortega said.
Fairview, with 899 students in 2009-10, had 118 suspensions that year, a 23 percent drop from 154 suspensions the year before. A suspended student is out of school for a week or less, and might be suspended several times in one year." Read More

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