Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bullies use social media to make things worse

News 8 WTNH (Hartford, CT) March 30, 2011 "The topic of bullying has been on a lot of peoples' minds lately. It takes a big toll on both kids and their parents, and now new technology like Facebook can make things even worse. Recently we've been getting stories of bullying from Westport, New London, to West Hartford, and several other towns. It's on the minds of people that something needs to be done about it. 'Some of them poured syrup in my hair. Some of them tripped me, harassed me on Facebook, physically harassing me,' said Monique McClain of Middletown. McClain hasn't been to school in Middletown for nearly two months because of bullies. She's been harassed and threatened in-person, online, and on the phone." Read More

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