Friday, March 11, 2011

Elementary Mentors Help Build Futures for Windsor Students

Windsor (Windsor, CT) March 11, 2011

"Mentoring is tutoring for life. While a tutor may help a student pass a history test, a mentor also helps a youth create a future.
Michael Novak and his wife Denise (Chief Social Worker at Kennedy School) raised their kids in Windsor and sent them through the Windsor school system. Eight years ago, with his own kids grown, Michael started as a mentor for the elementary school. When asked what special talents he had for mentoring he humbly and quickly exclaimed,'absolutely nothing,' but Denise chimed in with, 'he's a really a great dad.'
Novak has always been interested in helping kids succeed; he's been a coach for a special needs Little League team and also with the Special Olympics. But the mentoring is different; it is a one-on-one commitment to a child who really needs a connection. 'No matter who you are, you can bring something to mentoring,' says Novak. 'You can stand as an example, in some terms, to a child. It is what we do.'" Read More

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