Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fairfield's Kids, Parents Differ on Drugs

The Daily Fairfield (Fairfield, CT) March, 14, 2011

"Most Fairfield parents share the same feelings about their kids using alcohol, according to the Fairfield Cares Task Force survey in October. The problem is, according to a different survey, their kids might not feel the same way. For parent Lauren Lanham, who serves on the task force, this highlights the need for her group’s work in Fairfield.
'That’s where the communication comes in, and the prevention comes in,' Lauren said. 'I think [we need to] get the message out that parents do care.'
In October, 1,186 parents answered questions about their feelings toward kids’ drug and alcohol use. Archie Swindell of Quantitative Services compared those responses with surveys of Fairfield’s kids and found stark contrasts in what parents and kids think about alcohol and drugs." Read More

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