Thursday, March 17, 2011

ID scanner best defense against fakes, Conn. liquor store owners say

New Haven Register (Madison, CT) March 16, 2011

"You need to have a birth date of March 16, 1990, or earlier to purchase alcohol in Connecticut — or do you?
According to minors who buy alcohol, fake identification is easy to get and often works. But officials say that giving minors the boot is now the norm, thanks to stricter enforcement and more advanced technology.
East River Package Store, 270 Boston Post Road, was closed Wednesday after having failed a compliance check by the state Department of Consumer Protection last summer. But despite that — and five other local violations found during the check — stores are passing compliance checks now more than ever." Read More

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  1. ID Scanners are ALSO best defense against failing a state compliance check. Serving a minor is a major fine and after 3 tickets, most stores loose the liquor license. Investing in an ID Scanner is an important prevention tool. Visit to learn more.