Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Student launches anti-bullying campaign

Bucknell.edu (Lewisburg, PA) March 21, 2011

"As a grade-school student in upstate New York, Dan Murphy was bullied.
'I was a larger student, and people used to make fun of me for my weight,' he recalled. 'I was bullied from late elementary school until mid-high school, mostly for looking different. People don't understand what a detrimental effect they have. They forget about what they said a minute after they say it, but the person they are saying it to internalizes it.'
Now an elementary education major at Bucknell University, Murphy draws on his past experiences as a staunch advocate against bullying. So when he learned about syndicated columnist Dan Savage's national It Gets Better campaign, he knew he wanted to make Bucknell a part of it." Read More

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