Monday, March 28, 2011

School officials react to video plea against bullying by Westport girl

Westport News (Westport, CT) March 26, 2011 "The principal of Bedford Middle School in Westport has emailed students' families to alert them about the YouTube video posted by one of the school's eighth-grade students in which the girl says she has been a target of bullying and issues a plea for it to stop. Following is the text of the email sent Friday by Principal Melissa Kay: 'Dear Parents, We are investigating a recent case of cyber bullying. Today, the school counseling staff and I met with the 8th graders in their teams to remind them of internet safety and consequences of cyber bullying. We encourage parents to have similar discussions at home with your children.' HERE'S WHAT SCHOOL OFFICIALS WERE REACTING TO, as reported Friday afternoon. A 13-year-old girl -- an eighth-grade student at Bedford Middle School in Westport -- has posted a video on the YouTube website pleading for an end to the bullying that she says she has suffered." Read More

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