Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How Drug Use Is Holding America Back

The Huffington Post, March 22, 2011

"Stories about the toll of drug use are often tales of individual suffering; of a career lost, a young life derailed, or a tragic death. Recently, during a visit through West Virginia, Kentucky, Georgia and Florida to discuss the prescription drug abuse epidemic, I heard other kinds of stories that were just as troubling.
Several business leaders recounted to me their experiences in trying to hire workers in economically depressed areas of Appalachia. Some indicated that they had trouble finding enough qualified, ready-to-work employees that could pass a drug test. Others said they had to give up their plans to expand their businesses for the same reason. As a result, potential jobs were lost, in a region where they are sorely needed.
During his State of the Union Address in February 2011, President Obama announced to the Nation that we are in the midst of our generation's 'Sputnik moment' and that, 'to win the future, we'll need to take on the challenges that have been decades in the making.' All of us are part of this effort. And simply put, our Nation cannot reach its full potential without a drug-free and healthy citizenry." Read More

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