Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Teens Say Drinking Starts at Home

The Daily Stamford (Stamford, CT) March 1, 2011

"One big question comes to mind after alcohol-related problems occurred among teens in Stamford and Greenwich: Where do the teens get alcohol in the first place? Students at Greenwich High School agreed the easiest place to get alcohol is from home.
'At parties people have it at their house, it’s just around. Usually people get it from their parents,' said Elizabeth Fawcett, a freshman. Another freshman, Haley Sylvester said, 'Our parents don’t give it to us or anything, I think people just take it.' Both girls agreed that most teens know where the alcohol is kept.
Two weeks ago, several Stamford High School students were arrested on reckless endangerment charges after a video surfaced of teens partying in Boyle Stadium while a 15-year-old girl was lying unconscious from drinking an excessive amount of alcohol. She was taken to Stamford Hospital, then rushed to Yale-New Haven Hospital after several attempts to revive her were unsuccessful. She was released the next day." Read More

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