Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mock court demonstrates cyber-bullying consequences

Auburn Journal (Auburn, CA) March 24, 2011

"Some Auburn students got a lesson in the consequences of cyber bullying Wednesday.
Placer County court officials teamed up with St. Joseph’s Catholic School to put on a mock juvenile trial in the Placer County Juvenile Detention Center in Auburn.
The trial stemmed from a fake-cyber bullying incident in which one middle-school girl was arrested for sending a classmate a text message telling her she would 'mess her up.'
In the story, two girls were interested in one boy. The boy, however, ignored them and instead showed interest in one of their friends, played by student Ani Lewis.
At a birthday party the two girls posted nasty comments on Ani’s Facebook page. One of the fake messages read, 'Hey that Ani is just a fat, ugly, stupid, immature whore.'
When Ani complained about the messages and asked her peers to take them down, one of the bullying girls, 'A.J.' Woo, sent Ani the text message." Read More

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