Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Westport Student's YouTube Video Highlights Difficulty of Anti-Bullying Enforcement

Westport Patch (Westport,CT) March 29, 2011 "Though Westport’s bullying policy tries to stamp out threats, slurs and violence in order to keeps its schools safe, the 13-page policy isn’t always foolproof in this age of cyber bullying, smut lists and new forms of harassment, officials say. According to the town's superintendent of schools, Elliott Landon, the district has been 'on top' of bullying. 'But it takes two to tango,' Landon told Patch, and that incidents need to be reported so that school employees can act. In recent years, the bullying policy was modified to include online attacks that might happen outside of the schools. Landon said anything that ends up hindering the school’s learning environment can be punishable – even if it happened on a home computer." Read More

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