Friday, March 4, 2011

Bullying in school often unseen by teachers, faculty, study says

Shoreline Times (Westbrook, CT) March 3, 2011

"No fists are needed. Students are taking a verbal beating, with almost 40 percent of local middle and high school students reporting being teased frequently or even daily, but an overwhelming majority of teachers don’t see it happening, according to a recent survey.
The survey was recently made public.
About 87 percent of faculty members reported that they almost never witness verbal threats in school and 45 percent said that they don’t often see teasing or bullying.
'People expect teachers to notice things that they may not necessarily notice, like day-to-day incidents,' said Westbrook High School Principal Bob Hale.
About 45 percent of middle and high school students disagreed with the statement that students don’t pick on or tease one another, and 20 percent reported experiencing verbal threats almost daily. The results showed that 26 percent of parents echoed this concern and reported that their oldest child experiences bullying almost daily." Read More

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